Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions



Please read these Terms as carefully as possible as they administer your use of (which includes access to) Baddest’s customized services for streaming music and other content, consisting all of our websites and software applications that include or link to these Terms (conjointly, the "Baddest Service") and any music, videos, podcasts, or other material that is made accessible through the Baddest Service (the "Content").


Use of the Baddest Service may be subject to additional terms and conditions introduced by Baddest, thus embodied by this reference into these Terms.


By signing up or using the Baddest Service, you agree to the given Terms. If you disagree with these Terms, then you must not use the Baddest Service or access any Content by Baddest.

Age & Qualification essentials


In order to use the Baddest Service and access any related Content, you are required to :

• Be 14 years (or the equivalent minimum age in your home country) or older.
• Have your parent/guardian give consent if you are a minor in your country of origin.
• Have the power to get into a binding contract with us and not be restricted from doing so under any relevant laws.
• Live in a country where the Baddest Service is accessible.

You also pledge that any registration information that you present to Baddest is genuine, valid, and absolute, and you accept to keep it the same way at all times. If you are a minor in your country of origin, your parent or guardian will be required to enter into these Terms in place of you. You can find more information regarding the minimum age requirements in the process of registration. If you do not meet the minimum age requirements then Baddest will not be able to register you as a user.



We offer a multitude of Baddest Service options. Some Baddest Service options are granted free-of-charge, while other options need payment before they can be made available to the user (Paid Subscriptions). We may also offer exclusive promotional plans, memberships, or services, including offerings of third-party products and services. Please be informed that we will not be held accountable for the products and services offered by such third parties.


The Unlimited Service may not be accessible to all users. We will conspicuously explain which of our services are available to the users when they are signing up for our offerings. If you void your subscription to the Unlimited Plan, or if your subscription is interfered (for example, if you alter your payment details), you may not be able to re-subscribe for the Unlimited Service. Note that the Unlimited Service may be discontinued in the future, in which case you will no longer be levied for the Service.



We may every so often offer trials of Paid Subscriptions for a specific period of time without payment or at a discounted rate (a "Trial"). By using a Baddest Service via a Trial, you agree to the Baddest Premium Promotional Offer Terms.




The Baddest Service may be connected with, or may otherwise be integrated with, third-party applications, websites & services as well as third-party devices such as PC (Personal Computers), phones, tablets, wearable devices, speakers, and other devices. The use of such Third-Party Applications and Devices may be subject to additional terms, conditions and policies provided to you by the relevant third party. Baddest does not guarantee that Third-Party Applications and Devices will be compatible with the Baddest Service.

Service Limitations & Modifications

We use rational care and skill to keep the Baddest Service functional and to provide you with an audio experience which is high-quality and immersive. However, our service provisions and their accessibility may change from time to time and be subject to applicable laws, without liability to you; for example :

  • The Baddest Service may experience short-term inconveniences as it may undergo technical difficulties, maintenance, testing, or updates, including those required to reflect conversions in applicable laws and managerial requirements.
  • We focus on growing and enhancing our Services persistently, and we may alter, adjourn, or stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the entirety or part of the Baddest Service (including specific functions, features, subscription plans and promotional offers).
  • Baddest is not committed to provide any particular content through the Baddest Service, and Baddest or the relevant owners may remove specific songs, videos, podcasts, and other Content without consideration.

If you have prepaid fees directly to Baddest for a Paid Subscription that Baddest discontinues prior to the end of your Pre-Paid Period, Baddest will reimburse the prepaid fees to you for the Pre-Paid Period for any unused part of your then existing Paid Subscription after such discontinuation. Your account and billing information must be updated and valid in order for us to reimburse accordingly. 

Baddest will not be liable to you, nor will Baddest have any commitment to provide a refund to you if there are any internet or other service outages or failures that are caused as a result of any actions taken by government authorities, third parties or events beyond our reach.


Creating a Baddest Account

You may need to create a Baddest account to use the entirety or part of the Baddest Service. Your account credentials such as the username and password are for your personal use only and should be kept confidential for security and privacy purposes. You heed that you are accountable for all use (including any unauthorized use) of your account credentials (username & password). Contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible if your username or password has been stolen, or if you believe that your account has been hacked.

Baddest may reclaim, or need you to change your username/password in order to resolve the afore-mentioned situations.

Your rights to use the Baddest Service

Access to the Baddest Service

Subject to your agreement with these Terms (including any other relevant terms and conditions), we offer to you finite, inclusive, adjustable permission to make personal, non-commercial use of the Baddest Service and Content. This Access will be effective until and unless aborted by you or Baddest. You agree that you will not reallocate or transfer the Baddest Service or the Content.

The Baddest software applications and the Content are licensed, not sold or transferred to you, and Baddest and its licensors will keep ownership of all copies of the Baddest software applications and Content even after installation regardless of the device you will be using it on.

Baddest’s Proprietary Rights

The Baddest Service and the Content are the property of Baddest or Baddest’s licensors. All Baddest trademarks, logos, domain names, and any other features of the Baddest brand are the one and only property of Baddest and its licensors. These Terms do not allocate you any rights to use any of Baddest Brand Features commercially or non-commercially.

You agree to be regulated by the Baddest User Guidelines and not to use the Baddest Service or any of its Content in a manner which is not allowed by these Terms.

Payments & Cancellation


A Paid Subscription Plan may directly be purchased from Baddest or through a third party either by:

  • Paying a subscription fee in advance on a monthly basis or some other recurring interval known to you before you make your purchase.
  • Prepayment giving you access to the Baddest’s Service for a certain time frame.

Calculation of Tax Rates are based on the information you provide and the relevant rate at the time of your monthly charge.

If you purchase a Paid Subscription plan via a third party, separate terms and conditions with such third party may apply to your use of the Baddest Service on top of these existing Terms.

Price and tax changes

Baddest may every so often change the price for the Paid Subscription plans, including recurring subscription fees, the Pre-Paid Period (for periods not yet paid) and will inform any price adjustments to you in advance on reasonable consideration. Price changes will be implemented at the beginning of the next subscription period following the date of the price adjustment. Subject to applicable law, by resuming to use the Baddest Service after the price adjustment takes place, you will have agreed to the updated price. If you disagree or are discontent with a price adjustment, you can reject the alteration by simply unsubscribing from the relevant Paid Subscription plan before the price change is implemented.

Tax rates are based on the rates relevant at the time of your monthly charge. These amounts can alter over time with local tax requirements in the country, state, territory or even city that you currently reside in. Any adjustment in Tax rate will be applied by default based on the account information you have submitted when registering.

Renewal and Cancellation

Your payment to Baddest or the third party via which you accessed the Paid Subscription Plan will be renewed by default at the end of the relevant subscription period, unless you cancel your Paid Subscription before the end of the existing subscription period. Reach out to our Customer Support Team for guidance on how to cancel. The cancellation will take place the day after the final day of the existing subscription period, and your account will be reverted back to the free/limited version of the Baddest Service. We do not offer reimbursements for any partial subscription periods.

Withdrawal Right

If you sign up for a Trial, you agree that the withdrawal prerogative for the Paid Subscription Plan for which you are getting a Trial, ends seven (7) days after you start the Trial. If you don't cancel the Paid Subscription prior to the Trial’s ending date, you lose the right of discontinuation and permit Baddest to charge you the accepted price each month by default until and unless you void the Paid Subscription. If you purchase a Paid Subscription without a Trial, you agree you have fourteen (14) days after your purchase to discontinue for a certain reason and agree to pay us for the services that we have provided up until the moment you notify us regarding your change of decision. You give us consent to provide you with the Baddest service as soon as your purchase, that you lose your right of discontinuation, and allow Baddest to levy you each month until you opt for cancellation, by default.

User Guidelines

We have settled guidelines for using the Baddest Service, to ensure the Baddest Service can be enjoyed by everyone. In using the Baddest Service, you must act in accordance with the Baddest User Guidelines, as well as all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and respect the intellectual property, privacy, and other rights of third parties.

Brand Accounts

If you create a Brand Account, you speak for and permit that you are warranted to allocate all permissions and licenses provided in these Terms (including any other applicable Baddest terms and conditions)

A Brand may follow users, and create and share playlists, provided that the Brand does not take any action that implies an advocacy or business relations between the Brand and the followed user, artist, songwriter, or any other person, unless the Brand, by itself, has obtained the rights to insinuate such an endorsement. Additionally, Brands must be open and genuine to our users about unveiling any endorsements or consideration provided to artists, songwriters, users, or any other party and must abide by all relevant laws, regulations, and codes of practice when being involved in the aforementioned practices.


You fully accept to indemnify and keep Baddest away from any harm due to potential, rational and predictable losses, detriments, and expenses of any sort undertaken/experienced by Baddest arising out of the following :

• Your failure to abide by/comply with any of the aforementioned/previously discussed Terms
• Posting/Contributing of any User Content
• Any activity through/within the Baddest Service.
• Your violation of the Terms & Conditions of other third parties involved.



Baddest Support Community

The Baddest Support Community is a place for helpful & informative discussions and exchange of information, tidbits, and other materials directed to the Baddest Service. By using the Baddest Support Community, you fully agree to the Community Terms as well.


Customer Support, Information, Questions, Complaints

For customer support, queries, complaints and concerns regarding the Baddest Service, please visit  “Customer Support” listed on the About Us section of our website.


If you have any further questions regarding the Baddest Service or these Terms (including any additional Baddest terms and conditions), please do not hesitate to contact Baddest Customer Service by visiting the About Us section of our website.




Under relevant rules and regulations, you may have certain prerogatives that cannot be limited by a contract. These terms are absolutely not meant to bar those prerogatives.



We may make alterations to these Terms (including any additional Baddest terms and conditions) every so often by notifying you of such changes beforehand with consideration of reasonable time to mitigate any inconvenience that may be caused prior to implementation, including by posting a revised Agreement on the relevant Dhakhol Service. Any such changes will not be of relevance to any dispute between you and us arising prior to the date on which we posted the updated/revised Terms. Your use of the Baddest Service after any adjustments to the Terms will equal to your acceptance of such alterations. If you do not wish to resume using the Baddest Service under the revised Terms, you may halt usage of the Baddest Service until and unless the Terms resonate with you and your guidelines or you can simply terminate your account by reaching out to us. The date at the top of this document insinuates the latest date as to when the Terms were last updated. 


Entire Agreement

Besides having been mentioned in this section or as conspicuously agreed upon in writing between you and Baddest, having read these Terms effectively equals to a consensus between you and Baddest (Us). These Terms also replace any agreements that have taken place prior to your awareness of the latest/updated Terms.


Severability and Waiver

If for any reason, any of these aforementioned terms are unenforceable or cannot be implemented, the other terms will still be effective and unaffected and the application of the rest of the Terms will still be valid as authorized/permitted by law.


Any failure by Baddest or any third-party beneficiary to enforce these Terms will not remove Baddest’s or the relevant third-party beneficiary's ability to purport neither will it void the right to do so.



Baddest may assign any or all of these Terms, the entirety or partial, any of its rights under the discussed/foregoing Terms and you may not do the same, individually or to any third party.